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Many primary eyecare practice owners, having reached the point in their careers when they begin plotting out a timeline for an appropriate exit strategy, are choosing to become a part of EyeCare Partners.

For good reason.

At EyeCare Partners, we acquire only successful independent primary eyecare practices, located in urban and outlying rural markets, which are committed to staying in business, beyond an owner’s departure, to pursue and enjoy the benefits of future years of growth and success.

A better working life • A better way of life

When you choose to sell your practice to EyeCare Partners, you are relieved from the burden of dealing with administrative headaches, insurance companies, supply chains, marketing, and day-to-day practice management issues.


As an EyeCare Partners provider, you are welcome to continue working at your own pace — caring for patients — for as long as you like, while we work with your staff to optimize processes and procedures, reimbursements, and profitability.

  • Higher income
  • Better quality of life
  • Reduced work-related obligations and stress

EyeCare Partners offers a clean, cash-purchase acquisition model that is of no-risk to independent practice owners choosing to sell — and we adhere to a seamless strategic, cultural, operational, and economic integration of each new practice into our growing practice portfolio.

A cash-purchase acquisition model

Our acquisitions team provides every prospective seller with the qualitative and quantitative assessments necessary to identify potential challenges and to make informed decisions on the front end of the decision to sell, prior to any binding agreement. Once a transaction is underway, our team provides all necessary support to close the transaction and ensure an efficient and successful integration after the acquisition.